4 Tips for Companies that Outsource Their Operations in the Philippines

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How can you nurture a great working relationship with your offshore workers in the Philippines? How can you ensure that tasks are performed excellently and projects are handled well even if you are miles apart? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your outsourced services.

Meet your offshore team

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Get to know the people who will help you grow your business, whether online or offline. Make the effort to meet them and show interest in what they do. Better if you devote time to interact with them. This way, you build trust and rapport between you and the employees.

Communicate regularly

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Keeping your outsourced staff informed is the key to making sure that they will deliver according to your expectations. Regular meetings with the team allow you to get status updates so that you can monitor progress, know any potential challenges, and nip brewing issues in the bud. Aside from informing your offshore workers about project details and expectations, it is also essential to let them know how they contribute to your company’s growth and the difference they make.

Make your outsourced workers feel they are part of the team

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Employee motivation drives productivity, and productivity is crucial to business growth. While Filipino workers are inherently motivated, you can further encourage them to do a great job by treating them as part of your full-time team rather than making them feel that they are just outsiders. It can be as simple as including them in company announcements and giving them a @yourbusiness corporate email address. Freebies like pens and shirts with your company logo will be also appreciated by your offshore staff.

Show them appreciation

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Filipinos are known to be resilient and hard workers. But they also like being affirmed and praised for going a great job. That simple gesture can immensely boost employee morale and performance.