What is Makat?

While IT outsourcing has been around for many years, it has grown steadily fast recently because of the many benefits it provides along with the boom of BPO hubs in different countries. Makat has been created to help companies explore the possibility of outsourcing

It is a valuable online resource for companies that are looking to outsource their IT and software functions such as application development, programming, software development, animation, and much more. This blog offers a wealth of information and advice about what it takes to acquire and manage offshore IT operations in popular global business outsourcing hubs such as the Philippines and India.

Who are we

We have a contributing staff that provides content for this blog. They are mostly IT professionals and writers with a background in the business process outsourcing industry. This blog has been around for a just a couple of months, but we will cover more and varied topics as we go along.

The core editorial team is headed by Juan Price, a California-based IT and software expert who has worked with many BPO-IT companies and offshore employees. He has gained a lot of insights and experience to be able to provide a realistic point of view of how it is like to have, for example, Filipino IT professionals who work for global companies.